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Nucleus UI – Free UI Component Library - Free UI Component Library to create mockup in Figma at speed | Product Hunt

Create mockup or prototype in
Figma at speed.

Nucleus is a free UI component library that provides you the building blocks you need to design your next mobile app.

Current: v1.1.0 changelog.
Downloadable design file is free for both commercial and personal use.


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Component Categories


Example Screens

Make your workflow even more productive by taking advantage features in Figma

Style Library

A single source of truth to maintain colors, typography and layer style consistently.


Built with constraints to control how designs look across different screen sizes.

Components + Variants

Optimized for components and its variants. Making them easier to maintain and more intuitive to use

Auto Layout

Designed with auto layout to help you create design that follows its content.

More than 30 screens as examples

From onboarding, profile screens, news feed to cart & checkout screens, screens are designed with light and dark theme.

Designed and built with all the love in 🇮🇩Indonesia. 2021.

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